Sam never gets jealous over Dean flirting with other people. Even when his older brother is the most charming himself. Sam can see that all the smiles he sends them are never genuine, none of them actually reaches his eyes, and they are not wide enough to make all of the beautiful crinkels around his eyes show. But the best part for Sam in all that is when Dean pouts and says that Sam doesn’t love him, because he doesn’t care if he hit on other people. Sam just laughs at that. But later when they are alone, two big hands grip Dean’s hips posessively and words spoken in a low voice are hot against his ear and neck,

'You know why I never get jealous? Because I know you know you belong to me and others can see you are mine. Don't you ever forget about that.'

Sam slept next to him on his stomach, face turned to Dean. It isn’t very often when he wakes up before his younger brother, but he really likes it. Sam is so peaceful this days, nightmares so rare he sometimes forgets about them completely.

When Sam wakes up, he catches Dean staring at his back worrying his lower lip.

'Dean stop being a creep', he said without any heat, little smile playing on his lips.

'I'm sorry', Dean replied quietly.

'It's okay dude. I know this is a default settings for you.'

'Shut up, bitch. I was talking about this', he said and move his hand over Sam's back. Younger Winchester yelped in pain.

'What the fuck, jerk!' In one quick move he turned around on his back and then a wave of sharp pain radiated from around his shoulder blades. He sat upright.

'Seriously, what the fuck?!' He tried to look over his shoulder.

'I said I'm sorry', Dean traced one finger gently through his baby brother's back and kissed the nape of his neck.

'What did you do to me?' 

'You remember last night?'

'Oh…', he blushed, he remembered the way Dean dug his fingernails into his back with each trust of Sam's hips and how amazingly good it felt back then, but now not so much.

'Does it look as awful as it feel?' 

'Er… It looks like some fairies in high heels made a tap dancing party on your back', Dean's gentle fingers still tracing apologetically over the angry red marks on Sam's shoulder blades and the small of his back.

Sam just gave him incredulous look.

'How did you even come up with this comparison? You know what, I don't even wanna know.'

Dean just shrugged, dropped one more kiss to Sam’s shoulder and move to go to the bathroom, but Sam grabbed his hand and studied it for awhile.

'Wait, your nails are blunt. No way you could do this.'

'Well, your royal skin is so delicate, princess, so no wonder…'

'Dean…', Sam interrupted, not letting go of his brother wrist. It was Dean's turn to blush.

'Alright, alright… You gave it to me so fucking good yesterday, and I'm pretty sure that even if I had no freaking fingers at all, I'd still leave some scratches on you. And I said I'm sorry, I really am, but it wasn't my fault only.'

'You don't look sorry to me', Sam said, but he was smiling, it was nice to hear things like this from Dean.

'Well, I can't be. It looks kinda hot'.

Sam’s eyes darken, he licked his lips, ‘I think you should lick it better, you know as apology’

Well Dean couldn’t agree more. 


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Get this great design now for the super price of £8/€10/$12 for 24 hours only.

Be sure to “Like” this for 1 chance at a FREE TEE this weekend, “Reblog” it for 2 chances and “Follow” us for a 3rd chance (if you’re not already:) Thanks Guys!

Dean swore a long time ago he will always protect Sam’s ass, both figuratively and literally speaking. So when they are in a bar, Sam getting their drinks and Dean admiring said ass, he surprises himself with an angry hiss, a sound he never knew he could make,  when there is a hand dangerously close to Sam’s precious, tight, sexy butt. The owner of this offending hand is a guy, maybe Dean`s age, tall, and definitely interested in Sam. And Sam, little shit that he is, doesn’t shy from his touch, he just look at this guy with a cute dimpled smile and answers his question. Their beer appeared before Sam at the counter, but instead of grabbing them and bringing them to Dean, he laughs a little at what the tall guy said. Dean was already on the move when that tall dick’s hand slipped lower, low on Sam’s ass, and Sam at least had the decency to tense a little and move away from the hand who might be broken in a few seconds it will take Dean to get to Sam`s side. Dean planted himself firmly on Sam`s side and said ‘you keep your hands off my property or you won’t be able to touch anything ever again when I’m done with you’ He gave him promising look, took their beer with one hand and fisted the other in Sam’s collar, dragging him away to their table. He sat Sam in his chair, pushing his own closer, so his hand could rest comfortable on the small of Sam’s back, glaring around them, searching if there is anyone he needs to threaten. He took a swing of his beer without talking and it is then when he sees it. A satisfied smirk on Sam’s face, who smugly sips at his own beer.
'Oh you gotta be kidding me! You did this on purpose? I knew you could be a little fucker but that was below the belt', said Dean looking at Sam incredulously. 
'Serves you right after all that flirting with the waitress during dinner', Sam replied, shrugging. 
'I was trying to get us some information on the victim and you know it.'
'Could've show her your badge and make her talk', younger Winchester muttered.
'Oh, Sammy are you jealous?', a wide shit eating grin appeared on Dean's face.
'Said the guy who just threatened another guy to cut his hands off.'
'Sam, that ass is mine and no one will be touching it on my watch.' 
'Well, maybe I was trying to get some information on a victim too.' 
'Like hell you where. What did he say to you, huh Sammy? What made you laugh so pretty?' Dean said, voice low and dangerous right in Sam's ear.
'That he would like to take me to a bathroom and fuck the shit out of me.'
Dean knows it’s not true, he can hear it in Sam’s voice, but curious where his brother is going with it.
'And what did you replied?'
'The truth, that I didn't have any in a while and I'm horny as hell. Oh, and I would loooooooove his dick balls deep in me.' 
Dean fists his hand in Sam’s hair, feeling the spark of possessiveness go through his body,  ’I know you are lying to me little brother, why are doing this?’
'Because I need a rough fuck, and you are the roughest when you are mad and jealous, so please can we just go back to motel and you could just fuck me through mattress or I swear to god I'll go back to Mark over there.'
'Like hell you will!', Dean said and grabbed Sam by his collar and dragged him outside and through the parking lot and into his baby. 'You want rough, fucker, I can give you rough, just don't complain tomorrow you are sore. You have 5 minutes till we get to the motel to prepare yourself mentally that you won't be able to walk for a week.'
Sam just grins smugly to himself. Dean can be so easy sometimes.